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About Us

St Peters Trust Company Limited - Guernsey

The St Peters Trust Group has its headquarters in Guernsey with a second office located in the island of Alderney. The company offers high quality bespoke services to its clients through the appropriate use of international planning and structuring, provides assistance and support to clients requiring estate planning, asset protection, and enhancement of private and family wealth.

The Concept

Guernsey and the Channel Islands, for many reasons, provide a competent, stable, low-tax and convenient jurisdiction where assets throughout the world may be safely owned, controlled and administered in confidence. They are a convenient place where funds can be placed or managed, by reason of their political stability, tax and other legislation, and proximity to the large European financial centres. Consequently, in recent years, they have become substantial international financial centres.

The demand for stable international finance centres is growing steadily but while many of the competitors of the Islands suffer from the disadvantages of fiscal and political instability, inaccessible geographical location and the lack of professional expertise, Guernsey has much to offer.

The Channel Islands, because of their British influence and as a result of their history and local institutions, are very stable and lend themselves to the administration of wealth and assets internationally. They have enjoyed over 800 years of independent stability.

Further information on the St Peters Trust Company website is intended to provide various details of a commercial and financial nature relating to the Channel Islands and in particular, Guernsey. It is however, important to remember that the facilities offered to any client may include the use of companies, trusts or other vehicles established in other jurisdictions but which may be conveniently established and administered by St Peters Trust.


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Guernsey enjoys full fiscal autonomy in tax and regulatory matters